Request Concert

request concert rehearsal

Tomorrow night is the first performance of a show that I’m working on at Jump-Start. It’s a German play that was our (the Jump-Start of 1985 when I was a senior in high school) first show. For our 25th season we’ve reimagined it a bit. It’s a one person show that we’re doing as a site specific piece in the actor’s house. My part has been directing the webcast/closed-circuit video. We have a cameraperson following the actor around, augmenting the visuals for the audience there in the house. We’re also going to webcast it so my aim is to make the webcast work as it’s own piece.
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Talkbot: Performance Art

This is a special episode of Talkbot that I made for Jump-Start’s Performance Party XXV. I really rushed putting this together for the show and was disappointed because I knew it could have been better. So this is the “George Lucas Special Edition” complete with moving mouth animations, a new audio mix and both parts combined into one, 2 minute epic.
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Performance Party XXV

Performance Party webcast

Last year Steve and I put together 24 Hours 24 Artists for Jump-Start’s Performance Party XXIV. It was a lot of fun, a lot of work and sadly, not happening this year. Instead, I’m going to webcast the entire 4 – 5 hour Performance Party XXV tomorrow night which Jump-Start says will have “something for everyone: season previews, big groups, solo performers, dance, live music, performance art, comedy, video, fire-eating, glamour, and the absurd! Strap on your space-helmets, it�s going to be a fabulous ride.”

Catch the show live, starting at 7pm CST.

Update: Check out the video archive.

What The Hell?

Hey check it out! It’s another cat video on the internet. In fact, it’s a video of a cat watching a cat video. How fun is that? I know, right.

Anyway, the reason that I made this was to show Jay how I edit iPhone video in Final Cut Pro. So, if you’re interested in that (plus how I compress the video), download this -> iPhone to Final Cut Pro.