Flaming Pink Brain?

I don’t know if anyone really pays attention to this but the flaming pink brain logo has appeared and disappeared from this site (and my twitter account) a couple of times. I just put it back and thought I’d explain what it is/why I use it.

20 years ago I had a public access TV show that I named “Grey Matter Gravy.” This video is the title sequence that I ran at the beginning and end of the show. The name was chosen for two reasons. First, the concept: my brain was on fire with all kinds of ideas and the show was the best of those or the “gravy” (gravy being made from the drippings of burning flesh). Second, the drippings of burning flesh was gross and thus was a good puck rock name. And I chose the British spelling “grey” because all my favorite bands were from England.

Fast forward to about 2003 I was trying to create a local group of artists to play with video and the web and decided to use the name for the group and the url graymattergravy.org (this time going with the more traditional “gray” to avoid misspellings). The group didn’t really go anywhere but I really liked the logo I created so I reclaimed the name for myself and registered graymattergravy.com in 2005 to host my artwork and experiments though the site isn’t much to see right now.

So here’s the evolution of the logo. I played with being more and less literal, finally deciding on a simplified single image (no puddle of gravy) without text. I keep threatening to get a tattoo of this one day. Maybe 2010 is the year for that.

brain 1brain 2brain 3brain 4


2 thoughts on “Flaming Pink Brain?”

  1. Actually, I did notice. I like the flaming pink brain, and I always assumed it meant your brain was on fire with ideas. I deliberately avoided thinking about how gravy is made from the drippings of burning flesh, though.

    I think it’s time for your tattoo.

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