Check out my new digs. I’ve been working on this redesign for about a week now. I’m sure there will be bugs for me to fix and I still have about 3 years of old posts to update but I think the vast majority of the work is done. I’ve been inspired over the last few months from attending Design4Drupal in Boston, working with Jen and reading (at her suggestion) Handcrafted CSS by Dan Cederholm. So this site doesn’t look exactly the same in all browsers. I’m using some fancy CSS3 stuff so if you’re using IE8 or IE7 you won’t see rounded corners and shadows anywhere. And if you are using IE6 you’ll see a completely unstyled site! I just can’t waste any more of my time making things work in IE6.
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Remove Hidden Admin Users In WordPress

This video is 1280 x 720 – watch it in fullscreen to see the details.

This is, sadly, a report about the present. I read reports yesterday about an attack on all versions of WordPress except the very latest – 2.8.4. I have a bunch of sites that I maintain and many of them were pretty easy to upgrade by using the built-in automatic upgrade feature. Continue reading Remove Hidden Admin Users In WordPress