The Making Of Talkbot

The second post on this blog(another blog – I’ve since moved everything from there to here) (Jan 2008) was called Machinima: Filmmaking Of The Future. For me, it still feels like something from the future even though the process in this video is less elaborate than the one outlined in that earlier post. I love that I’m able to work with most anyone, in real-time, in an amazing world where you can create just about anything you want – even goofy robots that love to curse. Continue reading The Making Of Talkbot


Not A Video

I was talking to Ryanne this afternoon and the subject of fewer and fewer videoblog posts came up. It wasn’t a big long discussion but we did cite a lack of excitement almost 5 years down the road plus a constant connection to far flung friends via Twitter as factors. We also noted that it’s not a lack of excitement for creating things as we both still do that regularly; it’s that we’re excited about making things in other places. Continue reading Not A Video