Fire & Ice

Last week I hung out with Jay, Ryanne, Jen, Markus and Alicia. It was nice and sunny at the beginning of the week (in the 70s) and then got colder towards the end. It even snowed a little bit on Friday morning.



Today I was playing with Ogg video (Theora) and the new HTML 5 video element which is supported in the Firefox 3.1 beta. This is a short screencast showing Ogg video playing in the new Firefox and the simplicity of using the video element. This video is 1280 x 800 so be sure to click the fullscreen button to see the details.

There is an Ogg version embeded after the jump. (Get the Firefox 3.1 beta)
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Lava Lamp Starting Up

When you start up a LavaLamp it goes through a few phases. First it just sits there while the lava warms up. Then a bit of lava squirts to the top really quickly and seems to “freeze.” A little while later that frozen lava breaks up and falls to the bottom and soon after tiny balls start spitting up (that’s what’s captured in this video). After the tiny ball phase, it enters the regular LavaLamp phase for a few hours before reaching the final giant lava glob. Once you’ve got a giant lava glob it’s time to shut it down and give it a rest already. I shot this so I’d have something HD to upload to Flickr.