Back in October I went to Ankara, Turkey to speak at the Video Vortex 3 conference. This was my first trip to Europe and it was amazing. Here are seven minutes of little moments from my 5 days there. Continue reading Turkey


New Kitteh!

Before the girls were born, Rebecca and I had 6 cats and a great dane. The last of those, a cat named Judah, died about a year ago. He was strange; liked to be outside and would scratch or bite you if you tried to pet him so he didn’t really seem like “a pet.” He was more like some wild animal who came around, demanded food and left. Continue reading New Kitteh!

I Was Not Aware

Today I went out and visited some polling stations for Video the Vote. Churchill High School is where precincts 3111 and 3151 vote. The election judge said that 39% of the registered voters voted early in this election. While I was talking to him, Roger came up to me and asked if I’d interview him about his voting experience. Apparently he wasn’t aware that Bush could not serve a 3rd term. I was not aware that voters did not know this. Continue reading I Was Not Aware


This is my first video from my trip to Ankara and London. I still have over 3 hours of video to go through – this was just near the end of the last tape so it’s one of the first I worked on. It’s from the restaurant Inamo with it’s cool projection menu. I had dinner there with Dizzy and Jan and had a great time. We also had a pretty strange encounter on the street as we were leaving. That video is almost done.