Video Vortex 3

Video Vortex 3

I’m really excited about going to Video Vortex 3 in Ankara, Turkey next week. I’ll be running a Videoblogging Boot Camp on Friday 10/10 and making a presentation about networked relationships on Saturday 10/11. I hope to get some video posted during and right after the conference but I’ll be stopping in London for a few days on the way back so I imagine that some will have to wait until I get back home.

Workshop – Videoblogging Boot Camp
This workshop will take participants through the entire videoblogging process — from setting up a blog, to shooting, editing and compressing video, to making them findable and searchable. This workshop will be a fast paced, practical, hands-on experience. We’ll survey a number of videoblogs that use a variety of storytelling methods before going off to shoot and edit a short video introduction. Participants will use that video to learn how to post to their own videoblogs (or add video to their existing blogs). We’ll also set up a collaborative videoblog that will collect participant’s impressions during and after the conference.

Conference Talk – Videoblogging: Networked Relationships
Video and sound offer such a rich experience that even small, compressed, web-cam clips provide an extraordinary level of intimacy. When you combine this with a network of over a billion people, the nature of self-awareness, relationships, community and our families begin to alter. This presentation will take a look at some of the consequences — both intended and unintended — of videoblogging and the unconstrained personal connection it offers.


McCain & Obama On The Economic Crisis

This whole subprime mess is extremely frustrating. I can’t stand when people argue that the government shouldn’t regulate anything. This is the shit that happens when we do that. Of course, in the end, the government is forced to intervene anyway. To me the whole point of having a government is to do the things we can’t do for ourselves – i.e. help to protect us corporations that put profit over people. Continue reading McCain & Obama On The Economic Crisis


Yesterday the evening light on the wall across from my desk was so beautiful that I just had to grab my camera. It reminded me of how I used to listen to music and watch the light and shadows reflected on my ceiling from a lava lamp. The moon just happened to be on the same tape. I’d forgotten it was there and rediscovered it as I searched through the tape to see what else I’d recorded. The music in NIN, track 34 from Ghosts IV. I’ve been waiting for a good excuse to use something from Ghosts I – IV since it’s released as CC – BY-NC-SA.