Approaching Phoenix (Lumiere #4)

This is another Lumiere style video so it doesn’t have any sound. Not that it had some great sound on it to begin with – just distorted airplane rumble. The camera is a fixed as I could get it by holding it against the window. All the tilting is just the airplane making a big turn before landing at the Phoenix airport. It’s also about 15 seconds longer than the 60 sec rule because I wanted to include the entire turn.


Test Video [ElseWhen Project]

Like the name says, this is just a test video for an upcoming project. There’s no plan for Dylan to be in it (though she could) and you probably won’t ever see this scene. I was just testing out my PhotoJPEG capture settings and playing with the look.
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Lately it’s become kind of hip to be green. Rockstars are singing about it, celebrities are driving hybrids and Hollywood is giving out Oscars. This is all good stuff, don’t get me wrong. But one thing that doesn’t seem to get talked much about is vegetarianism. Becoming a vegetarian may just be the one thing an individual can do that has the most positive impact on the environment.

Here’s an article about the U.N. report and here’s the full report.