A Conversation About Distributed Production

This is another SpinXpress related post (though it applies to more things than just SpinXpress). Last weekend we had a “hack-a-thon” at the Digital Dojo (Markus’ house) and shot a conversation about distributed production. This is an idea that I’ve been really interested in and working on since I started videoblogging. The idea, basically, is that you can put together a great team to work on something if you can work via the internet and are not limited to those that live in close proximity. Of course you can still work with people face to face, it’s just that you don’t have to let geography stop you. In fact there might even be projects that require people to be distributed around the world and couldn’t be done any other way. Continue reading A Conversation About Distributed Production


Look At What I Helped Build

I’m tagging this one videobloggingweek2007 even though it’s officially over. I made and uploaded it yesterday afternoon but didn’t like it so I re-edited it a little this morning. Anyway, about 6 weeks ago I posted about working with nothing to show for it yet and now I do. Continue reading Look At What I Helped Build


I went back and forth a bunch of times about making and posting this – mostly because I doubt I have the time to make this good. I’ve wanted to do something else with machinima and the characters I started to create previously, for months now. Of course there’s always something that gets in the way. So I figured I’d use videoblogging week to work out my ideas. I have no idea what happens in tomorrow’s video (really today’s video since this first one is late – 2am). So we’ll see how it goes. Continue reading NSCAPE 1