Advertisements suck. Sure there are exceptions but for the most part, they suck. One of the things I’m enjoying about San Francisco is the relative lack of billboards and fast food signs along the road. In San Antonio there are places on the highway where all you can see is cars and signs. Here they actually have trees and hills to look at sometimes. But I don’t have to tell you how crazy advertising is – you see it, hear it and trip over it all day every day like everyone else. Continue reading Sponsorship


Working but nothing to show for it yet.

That about sums up 2007 so far. I’ve been working hard on SpinXpress – designing a whole new website that let’s you interact with the desktop application. I did a tiny machinima experiment. Ryanne and I have started to work on a major update to Freevlog and I’m working on an idea that may make use of all these – SpinXpress, Machinima & Freevlog – but it’s still a ways off.

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