Meeting Michael Moore

Here’s another videoblog from 2001. This one was shot in October after a talk Michael Moore did at Trinity University.

[Note for Richard BF: Check out my blue(ish) hair!]



Taco Haven

Today I was going through some old files and found this “videoblog” from the summer of 2001. It never actually got posted in a blog post but it was linked on the sidebar of my blog back then. What really suprised me about it was the “spirit” of the piece. It’s very videoblogging.

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5 1/4

Today is 5th aniverssary of 9/11 and I, like everyone, morn the nearly 3,000 people who died that day. I also moun that our country has not done something to try to create a climate in the world where this is less likely to happen again. My belief is that not only have we not made things better, we’ve seriously messed things up for a long time to come. So I think it’s appropriate that I post a short that I made back in October 2003 to continue to shine the light on where our President has failed, not only our country, but the whole world. Do you know that 43% of Americans still believe that Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the September 11th terrorist attacks even though the Bush administration has finally admitted that that definitely was not the case?

[Update: Keith Olbermann sounding like Edward R. Murrow]

This piece was done for the 48 Hour Film Project so the orginal version was completely made in 48 hours with these restrictions:
1. We had to use a brick as a prop.
2. Jordan Mooney, professional skateboarder, had to be a character.
3. “Excuse me, I think I love you.” had to be a line of dialog.
In addition, our team had to make a “mocumentary.” So this is our commentary on the Bush administration’s justifications for going to war (WMDs and Iraq’s connection to 9/11). The following January, after Saddam Hussein was captured, I added the little bit about finding 120,000 brick houses. Other than that one addition this is the piece we created in a weekend.

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