Mustang Island

This is more video from our trip to Mustang Island. Schlomo suggested I try to talk to that seagull again. This time I got a response… sort of.


When We Were Robots

This is the first video of my machinima series When We Were Robots. I’ve been thinking of doing this longer than I’ve been videoblogging. I started experimenting with creating video using Second Life right after I started playing it in January 2004. I even used some video from the game in my theater show called Holodeck. Now that I have a computer that can run the game well I’ve been trying to learn all of the tricks that people have been developing over the last year or so.

One of the things that I’m really excited about with this is the ability for anyone to join in. Because it’s getting done in the virtual world it doesn’t matter if you’re in Germany (like Tao Takashi who helped me with this video) and I’m in the U.S. In Second Life, we’re in the same space.

So give Second Life a try – it’s free. Then teleport over and hang out with the robots.

pouringdown: Seven Maps

We’ve got a new project up at Have Money Will Vlog. This one is a collaboration with Daniel Liss of His work is amazing – I’ve watched Begin Here & Theory: Practice dozens of times. Now what he’s going to do is let us send him on assignment. He’s set up wiki for the Seven Maps project where over the month of July everyone can help come up with ideas that will help shape the project. Then, five people (the Five Filters) that Daniel has selected will take those ideas and use them to guide him along on the project during August. Basically they can send him anywhere and give him any kind of assignment. This is going to be so cool.

Read more about the project on Have Money Will Vlog. Subscribe to Seven Maps. And donate some cash!