Erik Nelson

What can I say about Erik Nelson. I really love and respect his work. He’s also a professional basketball player. WTF? And even though we learn a lot about him through his videos we never really get to see him. Until this year’s Vloggercon, this 10 seconds from one of Ryanne’s videos is all that I’ve really seen of him. But this time we both stayed with Jay and Ryanne so I was able to get lots of Erik on video. Check it out.


Post Vloggercon Funk

Someone asked me the other day how I was. I said, “Good. Frustrated but good.” It means that I’m figuring things out – behind the scenes.

I Met Singleton

Vloggercon is over and I’m back at home. It was AMAZING! I’m not even going to try to sum it up or talk about what I learned – it’s much too soon to get that kind of information out of my brain. Instead, here’s the first of a handful of clips. I did this one on the plane trip back home because it was quick and easy. It’s a short video of me meeting Singleton from Richard BF’s videos. He or actually she was pretty cool.

NOTE: The QuickTime version is an .mp4 encoded with H.264 so you’ll need QuickTime 7 to view it.