Have Money Will Vlog

Have Money Will Vlog is a new project that Jay, Ryanne, Markus and I have been working on. The basic idea is to raise money for videoblog projects that we’d like to see happen. The first project that we’re featuring is Chris Weagel’s American King. Please check it out and help make it a reality.


15 Years

Hopefully Rebecca will forgive me for posting this. It’s a little bit tribute, a little bit archive. Maybe it’ll still be here in fifteen more years. Imagine that.

Get Out Of The Box

Now that we can put video in a blog, what are we going to do with it? Adrian Miles said that video in a blog must be more than video in a blog. He makes some really good points but I still don’t think that “more” is primarily about granularity. I think it has more to do with intention and purpose (or context). As I’ve been experimenting with that, I keep bumping up against what I think is the ever more pervasive TVishness, not of the physical format of people’s videos, but of the content – the intention and purpose of it. And what I’m left with is, “why?” Why try to recreate TV on the web? If we recreate the old system of TV networks on the Internet will they be any better? Will anything have changed? Will there still be a space for alternative voices and ideas?

BTW, yes, that was my rendition of the last scene of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Also, if you have some 3D glasses you can check out my cheap bit of 3D at the end.

Although I started working on this a week ago, it’s also a response (though more general) to this email.