It’s a new video! Believe it or not, Ryanne and I seem to be done with our book. There are still some loose ends to tie up – permissions, corrections, acknowledgements – stuff like that. But now that it’s not taking up 14 hours of my day, it’s back to actually videoblogging instead of just writing about it.
So this video is a little on the long side and unless you’re a Coldplay fan it might be kind of boring, but too bad. Rebecca, the girls and I went to Houston last Saturday night to see Coldplay in concert. It was a Christmas present from my Dad. This was Lauren’s first concert and Dylan’s first “arena” show. Needless to say, the show kicked ass and we all had a great time.
I was suprised to see so many cameras recording the show (it’s been a year since my last concert). Maybe the tide is turning on this one issue. I think it’s a good thing. Think about it – will the videos I’m posting here be traded around by fans instead of them purchasing CDs and DVDs? I can’t imagine that would be the case. If anything, you’d see what a great time we had and probably think, “hey maybe I should go see Coldplay.” So, until I get a letter from the lawyers at Capitol Records, here’s the rest of the concert video that I shot. BTW, this was all shot on my Xacti C5.
The Scientist
In My Place


Happy Birthday Freevlog!

A year ago I put together the first version of Freevlog so that I could teach videoblogging to some former students of mine. This is the video I put together that day during the class. Take a look at the post from last year and look who commented – Ryanne, Jay and Peter (there were only a couple dozen other videobloggers!). Since then Markus hooked Ryanne and I up with Dave Toole who made it possible for Ryanne and I to collaborate and totally revamp the site – twice, get it translated into 5 other languages (thanks to Miguel, Pepa, Takayuki, Richard, Fabio, Enrico and Alessandro) and now with the help of Diana & Shirley we’re turning it into a book for Peachpit. Wow, what a year! Our visit counter just broke 120,000.
Here’s the one page from the original that I found on the Wayback Machine.

And one last big shout out to Dave Toole for being a man of vision and for being totally generous in making it possible for us to bring this to fruition.