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This is probably the 3rd or 4th short introduction to videoblogging mashup that I’ve made. It seems like every time these get harder and harder to do. Especially when you try to make them this short. I always feel like I’ve left way too much out and cut away all context for the things that I left in. In this case, since the NAMAC panel (Digital Creativity) where I’ll present this video is only 8 hours away and I need to get some sleep, I’m going to stop messing with it. I’ve got a couple of my all-time favorites, some art, some anarchy, and a music theme. What do you think? Also, if you want leave a link to one of you’re favorite videoblogs (remember to link to the permanant link of the post – not to the video directly).

Here are the links for the videos I used:
Excited by Ryanne Hodson
HD Vidblog #053 – Lac St Clair by Chris Weagel
Silver City by Charlene Rule
Hail To The Thief by me
Record Player by Dylan Verdi
Videoblog Week #3: Welcome To The Future by Chuck Olsen
Vlog Anarchy by me (again)

Here is my presentation from the Digital Creativity panel this morning. The video is 16:45 long and almost 60MB.
This is the videoblog that I’ve set up to post the video that we create as I teach people here about videoblogging.


Second Life

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I’ve been super busy with videoblogging stuff (FreeVlog, NODE101, etc.) and haven’t played Second Life very much at all in the last six months but Andrew Baron posted about it on the videoblogging list the other day so I thought I make a quick video about it. I’ve played it off and on since Jan 2004. It was a big inspiration for and was a part of my performance piece “Holodeck” which I did at Jump-Start in April 2004. Anyway, they’ve made the basic account free now so give it a try if you’re so inclined. While you’re there, stop by my, I mean, Aren Mandala‘s house (located at Suisun 67,151) and watch some videoblogs. The videoblog playing in this clip (along with others in Second Life) is Ryanne’s “Dance Of Destructive Forces.”

Hail To The Thief

I haven’t posted a video in three weeks. Mostly I’ve been busy with getting NODE101 :: San Antonio off the ground. I’ve also been pretty upset by what’s happened in New Orleans and I didn’t really know what to say about it until the other day. I was driving Dylan to school and Rebecca’s iPod was on shuffle. After some John Lennon and Aretha Franklin this Radiohead song came on and this video popped into my head fully formed.

Watch the video then visit this site.

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