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We’ve been working on the NODE101 concept (basically a world-wide network of media centers or “nodes”) for four or five months now and this week things have begun to really take off. On Monday, Markus posted this video about it. Then on Tuesday, we talked about it during the video conference. Wednesday the conversation moved to the Videoblogging group (Markus has a good summary here) and today, thanks to more sponsorship from Outhink and some donated space from Jump-Start Performance Co., I spent my first full day setting up NODE102 here in San Antonio (NODE101 will be in New York City) NODE101 :: SAN ANTONIO (sorry – we changed the naming convention). Check out the NODE101 wiki for more info (won’t be live until sometime Friday, 8/26).


Instant Archive

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Check this out! One of the problems of using text blogging services for videoblogging is that they don’t have any videoblogging specific features. So, we’re here in Jay & Ryanne’s apartment talking about videoblogging hacks and we come up with a way to use a new feature at Mefeedia to create a video archive page for people who use Blogger. This even works if you don’t have your own webserver! Check out this example at Ryanne’s Video Blog.