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Long time, no video! I’ve been wanting to experiment a little so here is one. Last week in the videoblogging video conference, Jan suggested making advertisements for things you’re interested in. To me it sounded like the kinds of “ads” I see in Adbusters. Anyway, the other day we were dropping Lauren off at a horse riding summer camp and we kept passing cows along the way. As I was videotaping these guys the song “Meat Is Murder” by The Smiths came to mind. The words to the song are pretty heavy-handed but I think it makes a good video.



Okay, here’s the deal. FireANT is the coolest thing since sliced bread. It’s a program that you use to subcribe to and watch videoblogs. If you look on my sidebar you’ll find a little button that says “Feedburner.” All you have to do is click that link, copy the URL, click the “+” in FireANT and paste in the URL. Now you’re subscribed to me. In the middle of the night FireANT will check to see if I’ve posted a new video. If I have, it will download for you automatically. Easy right? Now sometimes those little buttons on people’s videoblogs say other things. Usually it’s something like “Feed’, “RSS 2.0”, “XML”, or “Sydicate.”

So FireANT. It’s free. It’s available for Mac and Windows. The two versions are pretty different but they both do the main thing which is keep you up to date on all the videobloggers. Ryanne just made a screencast for the FireANT guys that demonstrates how to use the Windows version. Check that out here (download links are on this page also.)

Chuck Olsen Is The Devil!

That’s the best joke I’ve heard all week. I’m speechless. Check this out. Here’s one of my favorite parts:

So, I stand defeated. I, with my six-foot, seven-inch, 225 pound frame, and 20 years of hand-and-kick fighting in dojos, streets, and posh clubs, cannot defeat the Chuckies because they hide like cowards. I, with my 38-inch reach and a power grip so tight it has slain jackals by the throat, cannot reach him.

Man, that guy has everything but “Kung-foo Grip!”

Testing Things Out

So this is my new videoblog. I’m still messing with stuff, moving in, making it mine. Most everything is here now. Sorry for messing with my feed and making ya’ll download a bunch of videos all over again. You wanted to see them a second time anyway!