Here’s another arty video painting. This one is from about a year later (1991) when they let me edit in the master control room down at the public access station. I had access to wipes (faux widescreen effect) and a character generator (5 different fonts!!). Oh yeah, I could also do an audio dub so I could add music. These were amazing capabilities to me then because the equipment to do all of this cost tens of thousands of dollars. Now, software to do this comes free on $500 computers.

Art Video Week – Rebecca

Mica says she’s “being extra ‘arty’ this week in honor of Art Week in NYC.” I love arty videos. In fact for the first 10 years that I made videos I did lots of what I call “video paintings.” Here is an excerpt from the very first video I ever made. It was done in 1990. There are no computer effects in this video, it’s all done with a VHS camera, a VCR and a TV. The tape is in really bad condition and almost doesn’t play anymore so there is a lot crap in the video. The scan lines and pixilated stuff is there on purpose though. I’ve set up the tag “arty” over at Mefeedia. Here’s the link.