Vlog Anarchy Take 2

Maybe this will clarify things a bit – or not.

[Update: Check out this NYT article. Didn’t I just say this?]

Here’s a recap of all the video (and text) responses, comments, etc. If I’ve missed some, let me know:

My original post – Vlog Anarchy

Eric Rice – Vlog Anarchy

Andreas Haugstrup – Anarchy! You Can’t Tell Me What To Do

Me – Portrait

Chuck Olsen – Kanahakkliha

Bottom Union – The Anarchist

Eric Rice – Bigger My Anarchy

Jay & Ryanne – Digital Bonnie & Clyde

Bottom Union – Better Than A Finger In The Eye

Bullemhead – The Last Snow

Me – Choose

Me – Robot

The O5 Project – The Downfall Of Ian Mills

Vlog Blog

The Revolution Will Be Televised – What’s A Vlog

The Revolution Will Be Televised – Star Spangled Banner

Human-Dog – Vlog Hell