Week 2 – All Systems Go!

For my short this week, I tried something different. Go is music video created with stock video. The music was created using audio loops in Soundtrack and a couple of tracks of me playing the guitar with a cello bow that were recorded in GarageBand. So let me know what you think – you can post without having a Blogger account now. Oh, and turn up the volume – the music is in stereo.



I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for calling, emailing and posting comments yesterday. I’ve had at least two dozen people contact me in the last 24 hours – wow! Thanks for being part of this. My promise to you all is to play this game full out.

Writing Deadlines

I want to clear up something about writing deadlines. On Saturday I seemed to think I was going to finish outlining my screenplay by Sunday night. That did not happen. It might have happened if I’d spent all of Sunday working on it. What I did do was look at how I could possibly get three screenplays written by the end of 2005. Working backward and allowing a little more time for the first one I came up with the following deadlines:

Screenplay #1

  • Outline – Week 2 – 11/28/04
  • First Draft – Week 14 – 2/20/2005 (that’s 1.5 pages per day)
  • Second Draft – Week 17 – 3/13/2005
  • Third Draft – Week 19 – 4/10/2005
  • Fourth Draft – Week 20 – 4/17/2005
  • Final Draft – Week 21 – 4/24/2005

I’m committed to this schedule. Now I’m done messing with the website for the night – off to do my writing.

Week One Complete!

I completed the first week of the game – whoohoo! Only 56 more to go. To recap, I’ve written every single day – 8 in a row now, and my first short of the game is posted. It’s called Lauren and it’s a look at my daughter. That’s it for now – I was up late finishing the video and Lauren is dying to see it.


For the purpose of the game I’m saying a week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. The idea is to have, at the very least, an update with a video posted every Monday morning. This first week of the game actually has one extra day because I started last Sunday. So far this week I’ve written seven days in a row – a new personal record! The thing that has surprised me the most about this is how much I’ve gotten done even though none of my writing sessions have been longer than 90 minutes. I haven’t written any pages of the screenplay yet but I’ve been working through the idea in my journal and I’ve started outlining the story. I’m pretty confident I’ll have the outline finished this weekend and I can start on the first draft next week. I still haven’t even started on a video yet but I will. Some how, some way, I’ll have one done Sunday night. Until then…


I was really resisting getting some writing done today. I got really into putting the website together and that’s all I wanted to work on. I finally made myself sit down and get to at about 9:30 this evening. Now here’s the really sad part, that makes it three days in a row for me which ties my previous stretch of consecutive days of writing. The good news is, I know what I want to write tomorrow so it should be no problem to make it to day number 4.

The Game

Things have changed for me recently. It’s like I have the opportunity to begin again. I’ve got a new understanding of what it is that I’m trying to do and it just feels like it’s time to start over. So, that’s why you’re looking at a new version of my website. Everything that was here before is gone. In it’s place will be everything that I do during the next 13 and a half months while playing a game I’ve created for myself (keep reading, I’ll explain).

Last month I was putting together my application for INdTV and I was in the middle of Landmark Education’s Commitment Seminar – a 13 week conversation about what you’re really committed to. What I saw in there was something that’s been with me almost my entire life – a feeling that I’m not really lucky. The big story that I say about myself is that I’m not lucky enough to, in this case, succeed as a filmmaker. I then use that made up story about myself to justify not really trying because I can’t succeed anyway! This feeling manifests itself in things like, making a film and not submitting it to festivals or in spending three years trying to write a screenplay and only getting 15 pages down before giving up.

Anyway, the point is that I’m now present to an opportunity. An opportunity to get committed to being a filmmaker like I’ve never been before. So it’s time to shake things up. I’m playing a game for the next 13 1/2 months (from now until Dec. 31, 2005). The game is called, FILMMAKER and these are the rules:

1. Write every day like my life depends on it.
2. Write 3 screenplays by the end of 2005.
3. Make a short and post it here every week until the end of 2005.
4. Make a feature film by the end of 2005.
5. Win a film festival by the end of 2005.

Now I know that may sound pretty far out there – it does to me. In fact there is no evidence that I can actually do any of those things. In the past, I have taken on each of those commitments and failed at them separately. Now I’m taking them all on simultaneously. Maybe it’s crazy. It probably is. I’ll use this forum to document what happens. So check back here and see how I’m doing. I also invite you to play along at home (please email me if you are doing this – I’d love to know).

Oh, and for the record, I wrote yesterday and today – that’s two days in a row baby!