Why I Chose A Triathlon

I was pretty tired and sore from the swim last night. It was good to get a run in today – the weather was great. Also, I need practice working out back to back days. Usually I take at least one day off in between. Tomorrow morning we go out for our first ride as a group.

Today’s workout: 4.75 mile run.

First Swim

I’m exhausted. Swimming is definitely going to be the hardest part of this for me. I’m going to have to take my friend Steve up on his offer of extra swim practice.

Today’s workout: 550 meter swim (with lots of rest every 25m)


It was about 30 degrees this morning for my run out by the Frio (Spanish for cold) river.

Today’s workout: 5.5 mile run.

Week 0 totals: 12.5 miles running, 11 miles biking.

Request Concert

request concert rehearsal

Tomorrow night is the first performance of a show that I’m working on at Jump-Start. It’s a German play that was our (the Jump-Start of 1985 when I was a senior in high school) first show. For our 25th season we’ve reimagined it a bit. It’s a one person show that we’re doing as a site specific piece in the actor’s house. My part has been directing the webcast/closed-circuit video. We have a cameraperson following the actor around, augmenting the visuals for the audience there in the house. We’re also going to webcast it so my aim is to make the webcast work as it’s own piece.
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